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Navel-Gazing of the Equine Kind!
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MLP Commission and Gift Artwork: OC Pones

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:Patreon Commission: Dancing Soarin :iconnekocrispy:NekoCrispy 132 13

All About a Millennial Horse


Animation Fan Extraordinaire
Student | Writer | Art Commissioner | Group Manager
The Depths of Tartarus - The Second Circle - Circle of R34

Salutations~ :meow: I'm a college student studying English and Psychology, as well as an art commissioner, community manager and animation fan most obsessed with ponies and pokemon. Welcome to my page! :D

Overall I'm an obsessive animation/cartoon fan, an self-taught writer, a hapless anxiety case with minor OCD tendencies, an extremist night owl/insomniac, and a gentleman fluent in both sarcasm and wit. :pringles:

On DA I run groups like mini-websites and interact with artists through collecting, critiquing and commissioning artworks. I like to inspire ideas and create trends in the fandoms I'm in through these things. I may not be a visual artist myself but I love being a catalyst for new art and creative ideas! :D

DA Communities I Run! :typerhappy:
:iconnavel-lovers: :iconmylittlebbuttons: :icondiscord-fanclub:

My Awesome Friends~ :hug:
:icondripponi: :iconspark-theory: :iconejhusky: :iconshirominakazu: :iconpunk-pegasus: :iconsandwich-anomaly: :icontopas-art: :iconsourspot: :icondr-whiskey: :iconlukurio: :iconh-stallionwolf: :iconmrlolcats17: :iconstripes-the-raccoon: :iconaidraws: :iconarcanel8: :iconaniman117: :iconlattynskit: :iconmarkiehh: :iconm00nbutt: :iconbronyartemis: :iconnas160: :iconglitch-sketch: :iconalwaysrainbow: :icondr-rum: :iconthebatup2bat:

My Pony Stamps! :love:
Pinkie stamp by RinusakaBubble Berry Fan Stamp by NavelColtRainbow Dash Stamp by spurrinklesRainbow Blitz Fan Stamp by NavelColtSpitfire Fan Stamp by NavelColtI Love Ponies with Belly Buttons! -Spitfire- Stamp by NavelColtPrincess Celestia by MarlenesstampsThunderlane by MarlenesstampsSoarin by MarlenesstampsCheese Sandwich by MarlenesstampsDouble Diamond by MarlenesstampsParty Favor by MarlenesstampsDiscord stamp 2 by freezestampsScootalove Fan Samp by NavelColt'I Love Ponies with Belly Buttons!' -Dash- Stamp by NavelColt'Ponder Commissions Everything' Stamp by NavelColt

My Pokemon Stamps! :love:
Eevee stamp by DametoraEevee's Stamp by Szkot-ayeVaporeon Stamp by Porygon-ZRaichu is win - Stamp by creature002Ghost Pokemon Stamp by creature002Stamp - Mew by Azukii-chanSuicune Stamp by ice-fireLegendary Parade Stamp by The-Emerald-OtterF2U POKEMON GO STAMP by RandoomInatorTeam Mystic - Stamp by DoctorSiggyTR motto stamp by azusa-chanJames BW stamp by SA948-StampsBrock Stamp by kalot3000funny pokemon pachirisu by XiahismPika Pika Pika by Waffle217Dancing 'Chus by ShellyTheLast

the Tin
Q: I love the art on your page! Can I commission you?
A: Nope, because I'm not an artist! :ohnoes: Nothing you see on my account is made by me asides from stories and stamps. Go to those artworks and commission something from their artists yourself, though! :D Use my example to hop aboard the commission train and make everyone happy. :la:

Q: Oh, okay. When did you get into horses?
A: Mid 2012 I was just ending a long chapter of my life in being a Sonic fan, and some dudes on some forums I was on spammed pony gifs every chance they got. I eventually sought out to see what the hype was about and watched some eps on Youtube. I was never the same again. owo

Q: Oh hey, what kind of things do you commission?
A: Both canon and OC artwork! OC art for myself, and canon art for both myself and the fandoms I'm a part of. I typically commission canon art to see characters doing things that no other artworks have them doing, and to promote the ideas and trends of the groups I run. :D

Q: What groups/communities do you run, and why?
A: As a non-artist, my foci is running groups and commissioning artwork. The two biggest groups I run currently are MyLittleBButtons and Navel-Lovers, which I maintain for fun and because the subject matter is something I enjoy myself, as well as highlighting to the general public as a trend/theme.

Q: Belly buttons? WTF?
A: Yes, belly buttons! I have a navel fetish, which means I think belly buttons are best body part. :XD: It's this interest that drove me to do many productive and worthwhile things, such as creating the above mentioned communities, to use belly buttons as a unique concept for artwork fans to commune with.

Q: Can I have your IM?
A: Nope. Well, at least not right off the bat. I try and keep my IM for friends and artists I'm in the process of commissioning or doing other projects with. In the past I've let my IM's get too crowded and it's just a hassle. If you'd like to get to know me, send me a note. =D

Q: You write, do you also roleplay?
A: Used to, not so much anymore. Feel free to ask, but honestly I'm just too busy these days. :XD:

Q: Can I draw your character(s)?
A: As long as you let me know before or after the fact, I'm fine with my characters being drawn, as long as credit is given. :D You will make my day, gift artwork isn't as common as you might think.

Q: Um, thanks for the llama! But...what's it for?
A: I probably liked your avatar, or a comment you made, or maybe an artwork you posted. I use the One Click Llama Button browser script to give llamas, so giving llamas is as easy as clicking a button, literally. I give them out like free candy, especially to other pone fans. Enjoy the llamas! :meow:


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